The new Trillium electronic hotel lock, by the world leader company Onity,
available now
in magnetic stripe and
RFID versions,
in Greece by LOFT.

Welcome to Onity and Loft, the Onity official representative for Greece.
Electronic locks, safes, mini bars, energy savers.
The biggest hotels in the world trust the name Onity.

Hotel locks by Onity, an electronic locking solutions world leader.

Onity allows you to renew your old HT24 locks to the new Trillium RFID or mag stripe model with significant savings.
Join the great number of hotels that benefit from Onity's technology and continous support.

Electronic magnetic stripe lock Onity HT24. In chrome.
The most popular lock model in the world.
With a Toledo type handle.
It adds, apart from security, a touch of minimal design and class to your property.

Onity Trillium Mag Stripe
and RFID
with panic bar and bracelet

Onity Trillium Mag stripe locks
Satin Chrome
Granada handle

Onity Trillium RFID locks
Antique Brass
Granada handles

Onity Trillium locks
RFID SB and Chrome
Wing and Granada handles

Onity hotel locks are a favourite of most big international hotel chains.

Most international hotel chains choose Onity as their trusted partner over and over again.

Onity Locks.
Model Trillium with mag stripe and RFID technology.

By Loft - Your Design and Security Expert.

Wall Reader for hotel entry cards.
On crystal sliding door.
System Onity HT24.

In Greece, by LOFT.

Onity locks may receive a variety of handles, thus enabling you to apply the style and look you wish your business to have.

The new Onity Trillium hotel locks


All together - the various models of world class locks Onity.
Advance with mag stripe or chip, Advance RFID, HT with mag stripe or chip, and HT RFID.

Onity hotel producs.
Locks, safes, mini bars, energy savers.

In Greece. bu LOFT.

Quick guide to Onity lock signals.
It explains the signals the lock gives out, when you insert your card.

With Onity hotel locks, there is a wide range of handles that you can pick, both in various designs and colours and finishes.

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